Access Management

By reducing ED diversions, hallway boarding and left without being seen, hospitals are able to expedite and improve a patient’s access to timely care. Hospitals that have streamlined the referral and admit process have been able to decrease system leakage and capture additional market share.


Can your system quickly and smoothly transition patients into your hospitals?

It’s a key part of the mission to provide patients timely access to the right care.  Our clients report more timely care transitions, stronger physician relationships, significant referral and transfer growth, and increased revenue and market share.


Community Access Portal

Give your community care providers a new window to their patients within your health system.

With Community Access Portal, they can track major patient flow milestones, as well as referral request status and assignments. As a result, they’re happier, and more likely to send patients to your system.


On-Call Scheduling

Get fast access to the right on-call physician.

Help ensure that your patients get the urgent care they need when every second counts. And, when your teams can quickly access the right consulting specialists, you eliminate a major access bottleneck, and your health system can capture more business.