Capacity Management Performance Scorecard™ Overview

A successful patient flow program yields multiple positive outcomes, including reductions in ED diversion, reductions in ED length of stay, reductions of patients who leave without being seen (LWBS), increased admission volume, increased ED visits and more. For years, hospitals have used the robust data found in TeleTracking's standard reports to create comprehensive monthly reviews of the key variables that contribute most directly to patient flow process improvement.

Today, TeleTracking has automated the process of collecting and preparing these monthly reviews, through the Capacity Management Performance Scorecard™ report. The Scorecard, developed by TeleTracking Consulting Services, is an integral part of our business analytics solutions, and analyzes key performance indicators against hospital benchmarks to show the effectiveness of your patient flow program. Available in the Capacity Management Suite™ powered by TeleTracking XT™, it eliminates the need to run several reports independently and automatically consolidates the data into a single key indicator document, reducing the time required to produce the scorecard by 80 percent.