Custom Reporting Solution™ Overview

Performance measurement is a key benefit of an automated patient flow process. As the leader in patient flow automation with the most detailed flow data in the industry, TeleTracking offers a Custom Reporting Solution™ as an advanced business intelligence application for analyzing statistical data and continuous process improvement. The Custom Reporting Solution™ application allows hospital data analysts to further drill down into the patient flow data to develop a higher-level of analysis of the hospital’s admission and discharge processes. The advanced intelligence helps hospitals refine their work flow processes, enhance efficiencies, and identify actionable strategies to improve patient care and satisfaction.

Custom Reporting Solution™ features a data warehouse, powerful yet easy-to-use report writer, and a reporting portal for scheduling, viewing and sharing. This provides amazing flexibility which gives TeleTracking clients the ability to create and change specialized reports in minutes to meet evolving management requirements. Data is moved from the core database into the data warehouse. From there, managers and analysts can build high-end, easy-to-read reports for appropriate stakeholders with easy-to-use, drag and drop report models. And, since everyone's needs are different, you can schedule automatic report deliveries on an as-needed basis. No more manual modifications and weekly emails!

The Custom Reporting Solution™ allows hospitals to:

  • Manage the Discharge Process
  • Understanding EVS and their impact on Patient Flow
  • Measure each piece of the Admission Process
  • Focusing on the ED
  • Compare and Measure Quality, Patient Satisfaction, and Processes Against Industry Standards