Meaningful Use guidelines and the move to Accountable Care Organizations are driving leading hospitals to place increased focus on gathering and analyzing quality metrics – both clinical and operational. More than ever, hospitals need to operate efficiently, reduce variability and improve workflow. Better capacity management through patient flow automation has been repeatedly shown to yield the kind of operational benefits needed today, yet just as important is access to the historical and real-time data for ongoing process improvement. Today, hospitals are using a variety of tools to collect data, but until now, few solutions existed that are tailored for analyzing operational data.

TeleTracking Business Analytics Solutions

Automated patient flow solutions collect and generate tremendous amount of critical data, but historically only a portion of it was converted into actionable information. TeleTracking formed the Business Analytics Division to provide you with the tools and services to help you understand and uncover the hidden stories between data points, thus enabling you to convert that data into powerful strategies for operational improvement.

The Business Analytics Division is supported by a services and delivery team with expertise in designing business intelligence and extensive domain knowledge deep-rooted in patient flow processes. This team can help you quickly deploy solutions which can be used immediately, creating a rapid time-to-value for your business intelligence effort. Our cost-effective business analytics solutions transform the right data into key indicators and evidence trends which can drive strategic decisions for improving patient flow and accountability.

TeleTracking Business Analytics Solutions provide a robust set of scorecards, dashboards, custom reporting tools and services to give hospitals the business intelligence they need to:

  • Measure and sustain performance improvement
  • Optimize use of the healthcare enterprise
  • Monitor capacity and resource needs based on volume
  • Execute root cause analysis of process delays and wait times
  • Increase admissions and transfer volume
  • Accelerate discharges and reduce length of stay

To learn more about how TeleTracking’s Business Analytics Solutions can help your hospital, contact us at info@teletracking.com.