When TeleTracking Technologies was founded in 1991, the concept of patient flow hadn’t been invented, automation was something done in factories and ED overcrowding mainly happened on Friday nights in urban medical centers.

It took a great deal of insight to recognize that there was a patient flow pattern within the continuum of care and that many of the steps in that flow could be automated and monitored for greater efficiency. It took foresight to realize that enhancing and optimizing patient flow would alleviate congestion in the ER by getting people into the right beds more quickly. And it took faith to believe that hospitals would actually adopt technology that wasn’t diagnostic or therapeutic, but designed to make work flow better.

Despite the obstacles, TeleTracking has grown to become the world leader of patient flow automation solutions to the healthcare industry.

TeleTracking first addressed bed turnover issues with BedTracking®, now the standard for automated bed turnover solutions. The electronic bedboard®, which has replaced the grease board in most large hospitals, was developed by TeleTracking as a digitized way to manage patient placement and hospital census. The industry’s first mobile applications for monitoring and acting upon patient flow problems were developed by our R&D department. Now our applications are in 80 percent of the installed flow automation market.

We are transforming hospital transfer centers across the country so they no longer need to turn away patients because of capacity problems, and we’re currently integrating flow automation and sensor network technology to deliver products which will keep more precise track of patients and assets, eliminating even more wasted time from the patient flow process. And we are fighting the spread of hospital-acquired infection by automating the infection alert process to avoid communication breakdowns that can lead to exposure.

While our products improve the business of healthcare quite significantly, we take our greatest pride in how they improve the purpose of healthcare — to help people get better.

Consider assessing your operational efficiency to determine how TeleTracking might help improve your healthcare business and purpose.

TeleTracking Technologies is proud to be a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.