Capacity Management

What if you could reduce the time a bed sits idle from five hours to one hour? Then multiply that by the number of beds in your hospital. How many extra beds would you “find” in a single day?

Capacity Management is the discipline of using existing resources to their maximum. Industry has been practicing this discipline for decades. While hospitals are quick to adopt new clinical and diagnostic technologies, they’ve been slow to adopt information technology, including flow measurement systems which can assign accountability for operational goals. That's changing as hospitals are discovering they can “add” capacity without the major investment of construction, and in the process, realize significant revenue gains.

As a division of TeleTracking Technologies, TeleTracking Consulting Services has access to the latest advances from the world leader in automating and optimizing patient flow. And, because no two hospitals are exactly alike, TeleTracking specialists also understand the need for custom solutions.

They begin with on-site and off-site analysis. Then they engage the appropriate staff to measure performance in key areas that affect patient flow and capacity. The team then searches for ways to eliminate waste, rather than add space or inventory.