Culture Change

Sustaining success requires the creation of a culture that lets participants understand and accept the logic of process redesign. That’s why TeleTracking specialists assemble multi-disciplinary teams of employees to take part in redesign, goal-setting and technology selection from the outset. Collectively, we develop a custom blueprint to meet or exceed the key metrics which the team has chosen. We know from two decades of experience that without employee involvement and enthusiasm, patient flow improvements are difficult to sustain.

The current pressure of hospital overcrowding often leads to a search for the quick fix, either through technology or behavioral changes. But quick fixes can become quick failures, especially if accountability is not built into the process change. TeleTracking believes the best approach is technology guided by “human factor” considerations. We also believe technology must be integrated simultaneously because it's impossible to determine which steps can be eliminated without knowing what technology is available to streamline the existing manual processes.

Constant improvement, by definition, is never-ending. But hospitals can’t fix what they can’t measure. Those hospitals which have reduced overcrowding through optimizing patient flow know the value of a system with embedded analytics that can measure user-determined milestones in real time, so performance can be continuously gauged and prompted to keep the flow going.