The Industry's Largest Knowledge Base

TeleTracking’s consulting team brings to each engagement the collective efficiency improvement experiences of nearly 900 client hospitals throughout the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.

In addition, our clients have direct access to that knowledge through interaction with peers, such as “client collaborative” webinars designed to solve specific, tightly defined problems that have the potential for immediate, highly successful returns.

Our work is also informed by developing a progressively deeper understanding of your organization at all touch points where TeleTracking’s solutions are implemented. And to help you measure improvement and identify future opportunities for increasing efficiency, we also offer training in how to use TeleTracking’s powerful analytics platform and capitalize on the business intelligence it provides.

TeleTracking’s consultants are not simply converted productivity experts.  They have extensive healthcare backgrounds and always think of the patient first, and thus share in the mission of our clients to provide effective and efficient healthcare to all patients alike.

In fact, much of what we do has a direct impact on supporting and improving patient safety. Under the current reimbursement climate, this is critical because the government and payers will withhold portions of reimbursement if patient outcomes and satisfaction fail to meet their criteria.

Because we work for many of the largest healthcare systems in America, our understanding of enterprise-wide efficiency demands and opportunities is unmatched. This includes the positive impact that centralizing operational functions can have on timely care delivery, patient, staff and physician satisfaction, cost savings and revenue generation. 

TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ solution is an excellent example of the benefits of centralized operations. Enabled by operational management technology, the TeleTracking TransferCenter solution has shown documented outcomes in the reduction of steps in the patient referral and transfer processes, increase in market share, reduced diversions, and most critically, in helping to save lives. TeleTracking clients who maintain good referral links, have generated substantial new revenue and point the way to new business opportunities in existing service areas.

A centralized patient placement and TransferCenter solution provides a real time “bird’s eye” view of system-wide capacity and supports intra-system patient movement which can significantly reduce ED hold times and mitigate many other delay challenges. 

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