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Consulting Disciplines

Technology works best when the human factor is taken into account. Many hospitals think they should fix the process before they add technology, but to optimize patient flow and sustain improvement, the implementation of process change and technology must occur simultaneously.

Understanding the technology available is vital. You can’t eliminate steps in a process without know which steps technology can replace. This requires an in-depth analysis of current practices, employee involvement, consensus on attainable goals and knowledge of the tools available to streamline the existing manual processes. Finally, sustaining change requires understanding, acceptance and enthusiasm from employees.

These are the reasons we created TeleTracking Consuting Services, with a team of specialists who excel at process improvement. These specialists engage the appropriate staff in the project, develop custom blueprints designed to meet or exceed key metrics, help employees understand and accept the changes, and help assure metric goals are regularly achieved.

Hospitals that have maximized existing capacity begin with an understanding of how people, processes and tools drive capacity constraints and opportunities. The first step is to measure performance in key areas that affect patient flow and capacity. The goal is to eliminate waste in order to achieve continuous improvement without adding money, people, space or inventory.

Two key principles should remain foremost in the process. First, the patient is the customer and second, the only way to sustain improvement is to involve employees in the improvements. To do this, leaders must create an organizational culture that participants believe in.

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