Transfer Center

Faster transfers save lives, improve care and strengthen referral networks, but traditional processes can’t keep up with today’s demands for specialty services.

Although many leading multi-specialty hospitals have some type of transfer or referral center to coordinate hospital to hospital patient transfers, they still operate manually, i.e., phone calling, written forms, walking the floors for beds. This often means that patients who need advanced specialty care are sent to less appropriate treatment settings.

The cost in lives may be incalculable. The costs in physician trust are more obvious. So are the costs in revenue. The average transferred neurosurgery case, for example, provides $15,000 more in margin contribution than a regular neurosurgery admission.

Based upon TeleTracking’s new TransferCenter™ software, TeleTracking has designed a new model for centralized, automated Transfer Centers which has been implemented in several major hospitals with great success. This model can:

  • Increase referral volume
  • Improve revenue performance
  • Reduce administrative challenges
  • Measure & strengthen referral patterns
  • Limit risk
  • Improve outcomes
  • Eliminate multiple phone calls
  • Collect accurate patient data
  • Coordinate referring and admitting physicians

When integrated with TeleTracking’s industry-leading Bed Management Suite™ software, this new approach gives transfer center personnel the ability to quickly locate an appropriate bed in one hospital or throughout a system, simultaneously manage all multiple transfers and make swift, accurate decisions based on patient needs, doctor availability and capacity.

On-demand reports show transfer center performance trends, identify new business opportunities, changing referral patterns and payer mix information.