Comprehensive Expertise

The extensive experience of TeleTracking’s consultants as former healthcare providers and regulatory consultants means that they provide guidance at all the points of interaction where our technologies touch your organization, whether that involves the perioperative environment, patient logistics, physician engagement, or any other support service.

The value of that experience and adaptability is obvious when you view patient logistics as a continuum. Problems within that continuum cannot be addressed piecemeal, but rather with consideration of how they relate to the overall process of getting patients to the right place at the right time with the right resources.

The fact that our consultants have multi-faceted backgrounds means that TeleTracking can bring a very comprehensive approach to problem-solving, informed not only by the realities of hospital operations but also a process that engages teams and offers a collaborative approach built on real data. Being able to see a problem from several sides in this manner translates to more productive and satisfactory solutions for your organization.

Add to this that TeleTracking has the largest client base in our industry, including most of the largest, best recognized healthcare institutions across the nation. These are institutions that rose to prominence through innovative ways of thinking about operational improvements and efficiencies. It is that kind of thinking that TeleTracking’s consultants bring to the table, both directly and through arranged peer-to-peer interactions. The net result is an unparalleled knowledge resource to guide you forward on the path to success.

Our Consulting Disciplines Include:

  • Comprehensive support for every TeleTracking/organization intersect
  • Execution of Recognized “Best Practices"
  • Patient flow and capacity improvement
  • Elimination of Non-Value Added Work
  • Discharge Redesign

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