TeleTracking Consulting Services

TeleTracking’s Consulting Services helps clients maximize operational efficiency by fine-tuning the way people and technology interact with the daily processes that support health care delivery.

While others attempt to fix the process before adding technology, we work in collaboration with you to mesh people, processes and technology design to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Once our system is installed and functioning, we help you create the ideal patient pathway from admission to discharge while finding new ways to remove wasted time and resources from that pathway. This includes overcoming cultural obstacles which inevitably go along with such change.

Expert consultants at TeleTracking deliver rapid, focused process improvements based on extensive hospital operations and healthcare industry experience, an in-depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles, an ability to draw insights from data produced by TeleTracking’s Real-Time Capacity Management™ solutions and knowledge of successful practices used across hundreds of TeleTracking clients.

This may include enhancements or redesign of operational processes, such as ED, OR and perioperative throughput, safe and efficient discharge, or new ways to maximize the use of our technologies.

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