April 05, 2018

We asked 36 industry experts what role is missing in the IT C-suite — Here’s what they think

Written by Jessica Kim Cohen, Molly Gamble, Emily Rappleye and Julie Spitzer | Read full article

It’s not just the CIO at the helm of hospital IT today. The hospital IT C-suite is rapidly expanding, as organizations add chief information security officers, chief medical information officers and chief technology officers to their executive leadership branches.

To forecast what’s on the horizon, the Becker’s Hospital Review team took the exhibit floor at the 2018 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas to ask 36 health IT and hospital executives the following question: What role do you think we’ll see in hospitals next?

Mike Coen. Vice President of Engineering at TeleTracking (Pittsburgh): Most businesses are evolving to have something like a chief data officer. The CIO typically focuses on things like IT, so dealing with the hardware, the network and then potentially the software systems that run on top of that. The CDO is a role that’s focused purely on the use and leveraging of data in ways that benefit the organization.

Kris Kaneta. Senior Vice President of Marketing at TeleTracking (Pittsburgh): I think you’re going to see, whether it’s a bleeding into one role or just a cohesion, between the traditional CIO and COO. As we continue to see consolidation, as we continue to see health systems grow, the goal is to create and integrate a system. To do that, you need leadership that’s going to embrace acting like a system. Whether that’s someone in a COO role or a CIO role, the focus is going to be ‘How do we integrate and behave as a system, holding our multidisciplinary teams accountable to each other and recognizing that we are all in this for the patient?’

Mike Coen, Vice President of Engineering at TeleTracking (Pittsburgh): Unfortunately, IT departments and CIOs are, to a degree, afraid of what the transition to the cloud means to them from a career perspective. “What does it mean for my job — If we no longer maintain IT, where does my network engineer go?” They continue to invest in that infrastructure internally, because they’re afraid of what the cloud is. They use excuses like compliance, and security, when the reality is cloud environments are actually more compliant, more secure, and the vendor is telling you they’ll maintain it for you. If you continue to invest in legacy IT approaches right now, I think that’s not a very wise investment. You should be moving yourself to infrastructure-as-a-service in the cloud.

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