Improving Access to Care

Our solutions are designed to directly and quickly impact system growth and cost management. Documented access outcomes tell the story every day of realized efficiencies, savings and improved patient access. As impressive as these numbers are, our most valued outcome is helping our clients leave fewer patients waiting for the timely care they need.

Timely Access to Post-Acute Care

Improve access to timely post-acute care.

For most health systems, discharging patients to post-acute is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Improving timely access in this area yields major benefits: it frees up resources in your acute care facilities, improves patient and family satisfaction, and improves overall care coordination.

System Growth

Centralized Command Center Maximizes Transfer Operations to Achieve 1000 More Patients Annually

With 98% full capacity daily, Carilion Clinic was battling increasing diversions and declining referring physician loyalty. After creating a ‘Mission Control’ center powered by TeleTracking’s automated TransferCenter™ solution, immediate operating synergies became apparent.

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Transfer Volume

Oklahoma University Medical Center recognized that large numbers of patients were being denied due to a lack of connectivity to a dynamic bed management process, different protocols for specialty services, lack of access to the latest call schedules, and a lack of resources to develop contingency plans during times of high utilization.  They knew the focus needed to be on improving the referral process, increasing the number of accepted patients and decreasing the number of denied patients.

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Community Engagement

Patient access is more than just eliminating diversions and hold times.

It’s about being there for the patients in your community that need you most. From coordinating transportation and emergency services to seamlessly automating the placement of outside referrals, TeleTracking can help build a more meaningful presence in the communities you serve.

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ED Diversion

Every minute of everyday an ambulance is diverted from its intended hospital.

That’s half a million times per year. Compounding this challenge, research shows ED visits are actually up in many states since the ACA was enacted. TeleTracking has worked with countless health systems to solve for ED diversion, attacking the root causes of ED overcrowding. Hint, it’s not about building more emergency department capacity.

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