Maximizing Patient Throughput

Evidence shows that despite reforms, emergency department volume has actually increased. That’s all the more reason we need to ensure patients are flowing smoothly throughout the health system from admit to discharge. TeleTracking’s patient throughput solutions can help your organization optimize workflow, provide more timely care, decrease overall length of stay, while serving a larger patient population.

Streamlined Workflow Tools for Faster Patient Processing

Streamline and automate routine scheduling and communication tasks.

Process patient ambulatory appointments more efficiently with system-wide visibility and streamlined workflow tools. Improve staff satisfaction, minimize patient no-shows and pin point problems with analytics and reporting.

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Decompress Acute Care Settings

Prioritize patient discharges & seamlessly transfer to post-acute care.

Timely discharges to post-acute care, can not only significantly decompress your acute care facilities and providers, but improve patient and family satisfaction as well. An experience that is commonly frustrating can be streamlined, transparent and predictable with Community Placement.

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Discharge Efficiency

Driving Results & Changing Culture

Strategically managing the patient discharge process and bringing visibility to discharge performance provides front-line care teams and patient placement the information they need to drive more timely discharges, which ultimately decreases length of stay and improves hospital capacity.

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Wait and Hold Times

Improving patient throughput and bringing enterprise visibility to demand for inpatient beds reduces the amount of time that patients have to wait or are held in an intake area such as the Emergency Department or Post-Anesthesia Care Unit, due to the lack of immediate bed availability.

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Resource Utilization

Health systems using TeleTracking improve utilization of their resources, including staff, inpatient beds, service lines, perioperative services, medical devices and others. This creates the opportunity to serve more patients without adding resources, which drives positive margin improvement.

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Left Without Being Seen

Optimizing patient flow through your hospitals and creating real-time visibility to bottlenecks prevents overcrowding and long wait times in the Emergency Department, which is often the root cause for patients leaving before they are seen by a caregiver.

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