April 14, 2017

In the News: Pilot Trusts using Real-Time Technology to Increase Bed Capacity

Five NHS providers will be piloting new technology that uses ‘fitbit’ style bracelets to track beds, staff and patients, giving trusts real-time information on bed status, patient pathway tracking and asset management.

The real-time technology detects electronic badges and bracelets attached to patients, staff and equipment. It provides staff with visibility to all beds, patients, assets and equipment across their trust. Similar to air traffic control centres, staff have a real-time view of:

  • bed status
  • which patients need to be allocated to a bed
  • where specific types of equipment are
  • the nearest housekeeping or portering staff available to clean a bed or help transport a patient

Benefits of the new technology

The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust is the first pilot site for the technology and as a direct result of TeleTracking, patients are 3 times more likely to be directed to a bed appropriate to their on-going needs than before using the system. This has helped the trust reduce on the day surgical cancellations due to lack of beds by 60%.

The technology has also helped the trust reduce breaches of the four hour A&E treat, admit or discharge target due to a lack of beds by 35%, despite a 10% increase in attendances.

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