April 11, 2018

NYU Winthrop Hospital: driving results, improving care: patient flow data and joint commission compliance

This article first appeared in TeleTracking’s Patient Flow Quarterly magazine and was repurposed online at Becker’s Hospital Review | Read the full article

In 2015, NYU Winthrop Hospital set out to improve organizational efficiency.
The corporate goal was simple—to improve patient throughput—so Ann and team quickly identified a number of tactics to make this goal a reality. For example: engaging the entire organization, and developing action plans, setting thresholds, targets and stretch goals while regularly measuring goals versus actual performance. Employment of tactics would help demonstrate the improvements between 2015 and 2017, many of which revolved around optimizing the use of TeleTracking.

Data was also critical to NYU Winthrop Hospital success with The Joint Commission requirements. It gave them a concrete way of determining the changes that needed to be made to demonstrate that they were meeting the elements of performance.

“The first action I initiated was to run TeleTracking reports to see what our baselines were in key areas,” says Hanford. “EVS, Patient Transport, and Patient Placement were critical. When I saw what our baseline performance was, I was able to identify performance improvement opportunities, establish goals and set up action plans that I knew would have an impact on patient throughput,” she continues.

The first priority identified was to improve the efficiency of the bed cleaning process

  • THE GOAL: decrease bed turnaround time by improving the response time of EVS personnel.

  • THE TACTICS: educate and motivate staff regarding goals vs. actual performance; deploy iPhones to improve communication; eliminate zones during high-volume bed cleaning time of day; create dashboards to display EVS status breakdown, daily average response and turn times, and confirmed discharges by unit.

  • THE OUTCOMES: impressive 50% improvement in response times after the action plan was implemented. “We’re very, very happy to see those outcomes and strive to continuously get better and better,” adds Hanford. “Bed turnaround time is an extremely important part of the patient flow puzzle.”

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