Deb Kaczynski MS, CBB, Managing Consultant Advisory Services

Deb Kaczynski MS, CBB

Managing Consultant, Advisory Services

Deb Kaczynski serves as a Managing Consultant with the TeleTracking Technologies consulting team.  In her role, she supports organizations to optimally use the TeleTracking technology by influencing how they adopt the technology through change management and process redesign.

Ms. Kaczynski joined TeleTracking Technologies after more than 20 years with the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), where her work focused on hospital operations and administration.  Her passion and energy for improving patient flow in the acute care setting began over fifteen years ago within the UPMC system.  Experience with Toyota Production System methods, certification as a Six Sigma Black Belt, and engagement with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement have all supported her previous process improvement work with the UPMC system.

In her previous position at UPMC, Ms. Kaczynski oversaw the patient flow initiatives at UPMC’s seventeen hospitals.  As a Senior Administrative Director, she had executive oversight of seven large departments which all played a key role in successful patient flow and capacity management.

In addition to her responsibilities at UPMC system, Ms. Kaczynski joined the Institute for Healthcare Improvement as a faculty member, teaching seminars on patient flow in the United States and internationally.

Ms. Kaczynski received a bachelor’s degree in Education and a master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Pittsburgh.  She has also received certifications from Intermountain Healthcare (Brent James) and the Institute for Healthcare Optimization (Eugene Litvak).