RTLS: For Constant Hospital Operational Improvement

The Big Picture

Lean times and healthcare reform are requiring hospitals to focus more attention on efficiency and cost-saving initiatives. But in the bigger picture, operational efficiency for hospitals is not solely focused on patients or assets - it is focused on enterprise patient logistics management and it involves the precise tracking of mobile equipment, fixed assets (beds/rooms) and people (patients/staff).

TeleTracking: A Proven Leader in Hospital Efficiency

Drawing on its deep expertise in patient flow, hospital operations and logistics management, TeleTracking has developed the most advanced RTLS for real-time AssetTracking, TempTracking™ and Capacity Management™ on the market. Coupled with TeleTracking's 20 years of experience in patient flow optimization and resource management, hospitals now have everything they need to streamline processes across entire healthcare enterprises.

The Need for Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)

RTLS provides real-time tracking and management of medical equipment, staff and patients, and is one of the fastest, most positive impacts hospitals can make on their operations and their bottom line.

Medical equipment is crucial to safe, compliant patient care, and is often expensive, in high demand, or both. The consequences of managing equipment poorly in hospitals are major, and include drains on staff productivity, equipment overbuying / over-renting and laborious regulatory and safety initiatives. Ultimately, these consequences can have severe effects on a hospital’s bottom line, the level of care hospitals provide, and the productivity and morale of hospital staff.

Learn how RTLS can improve your hospital operations and increase ROI.

True Real-Time Capacity Management™

Merging RTLS with our patient flow software takes RTLS benefits even further, creating an enabler to true real-time capacity management. It will allow staff to know if the right patient is in the right location with the right assets at the right time, precisely how long the patient is there, where to find patients scheduled for time-sensitive treatment, and when a high-risk patient is leaving a “safe” area. Tagging arriving patients, staff locating, and integration to our Capacity Management Suite will allow proactive and predictive readiness through the entire patient flow continuum.

Visibility, Accountability and Communication

TeleTracking and the TeleTracking Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) are the cornerstones of maximizing existing hospital capacity. By continually tracking the flow and utilization of assets, automating staff workflows to keep people accountable, and communicating real-time status to all individuals who impact patient care. TeleTracking can help hospitals:

  • Reduce the number of lost, misplaced and stolen items
  • Improve rental equipment utilization
  • Reduce equipment over-buying
  • Keep equipment operational
  • Manage safety and compliance issues with temperature-sensitive assets
  • Provide predictive insight into patient, staff and equipment flow
  • And much more...

Constant Operational Improvement with RTLS

What started with TeleTracking’s first BedTracking® software is now an end-to-end system of patient logistics management. In addition to improving and optimizing patient flow and reducing overcrowding, this information stream holds the key to constant operational improvement. TeleTracking RTLS not only adds the ability to track the location and status of equipment, it provides additional visibility and automation to TeleTracking’s existing, award-winning patient flow automation solution suite.

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