Technical Advantages

Transform real-time data into proactive and predictive workflow information

TeleTracking RTLS is raising the bar for asset tracking and capacity management in the healthcare industry.

With its pinpoint accuracy, enterprise-level scalability and ease of installation, TeleTracking RTLS provides a market-leading solution that eliminates the technological limitations and installation obstacles associated with Wi-Fi and ZigBee (RF-based locating systems), competing IR and Ultrasound technology.

TeleTracking RTLS Advantages:

  • Pinpoint Accuracy – Most RTLS systems infer an asset’s location based on “triangulation” algorithms, but cannot provide bed-level locating accuracy in semi-private rooms or confidently indicate where an asset or person is within an open area, such as an ED bay. The TeleTracking RTLS network uses advanced IR locating technology to pinpoint the location of tagged resources with room-, bed- and bay-level precision to deliver clinically significant location information, device status or environmental data in real-time.

  • Eliminates IR Line-of-Sight Concerns. Some competing IR systems must have a visually unobstructed line-of-sight between the transmitter (Beacon) and receiver (Tag) in order to function properly. TeleTracking’s Controlled Scatter (CS) mode can penetrate clothing or blankets and does not require direct line-of-sight with the Tag. As a secondary means of locating in areas where there is no need for room- or bed-level visibility, or in the unlikely event that tags are truly obstructed (e.g. in enclosed carts), TeleTracking’s network also provides zone-level location based on RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indication), which utilizes RF Collectors as access points.

  • Non-Disruptive Install – Battery-powered Beacons and Virtual Room Dividers require no mechanical installation (no drilling) and don’t interfere with valuable electrical outlets.

  • Broad Range of Powerful Tags – Asset Tags, 3-Position Status Tags (the only 3-Position Status Tag available today), Wearable Patient Tags, Staff Badges and Temperature Monitoring Tags offer numerous ways for hospitals to monitor equipment, temperature-controlling devices, patients and staff. Using a patented next generation of IR (infrared) technology, the signals these tags produce can be detected under beds, through multiple layers of clothing, blankets, or when otherwise covered by physical barriers (such as a hand).

  • A Smarter Network – A purpose-built RTLS network operates at 900 MHz for consistent performance and can leverage existing Wi-Fi for communication, without overwhelming mission-critical transmissions with location traffic.

  • Meet the Needs of Today and Tomorrow – TeleTracking RTLS can easily integrate into existing infrastructures, and expand as needs grow. The network can be configured to handle multiple levels of tracking intensity, including:

    • Asset Tracking, which is room-specific but may not require sub-room (clean storage/dirty, dirty, linen closets, etc.) accuracy.

    • Clinical Zone, which focuses on bed-specific patient care areas of the hospital and departments.

    • High Density, which is designed for bed-level accuracy (room, semi-private room, open bay) or defined areas (nurse station, dirty pump zone, etc.).

    • Zone Level, which may include off-site storage, large biomedical work areas, or other specific areas that require asset locating but not intra-room information.

  • Seamlessly Integrates into a Hospital’s IT Infrastructure – TeleTracking RTLS operates perfectly with our world-leading Capacity Management SuiteTM of products, but can seamlessly integrate into other software applications such as Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), security systems and other hospital information systems that can benefit from location data.

  • Proven World Leader in Healthcare Workflow Automation – As a healthcare workflow automation leader for 20 years with more than 850 hospitals using our solutions worldwide, TeleTracking has the deep industry knowledge to transform real-time data generated by RTLS into proactive and predictive workflow information. The TeleTracking RTLS integrated system includes hardware, world-leading software, and best-in-class consulting services.

For information on real-world applications, please visit the TeleTracking Proven Success page.