Asset Tracking

Managing Assets... in Real-Time

Ensuring that assets are available and ready to provide care when they’re needed most is imperative to patient safety, and can affect productivity, equipment budgets, patient and staff satisfaction, and the reputation of a hospital.

The TeleTracking RTLS monitors asset location, utilization and compliance with a level of accuracy unsurpassed in the healthcare industry. In doing so, it eliminates the time and frustration of dozens of phone calls, searching room to room, or manually monitoring compliance issues.

Using a patented new generation of IR (Infrared) and 900 MHz active RFID technology for precise asset tracking, TeleTracking RTLS enables staff to locate equipment from any hospital computer or mobile device – anywhere in the facility, in real time. What’s more, our 3-position Asset Status Tag - the only 3-position Status Tag in the healthcare industry – instantly informs personnel whether that equipment is available, in use, or not available. Offering both map and list views, the computer interface is intuitive, and lets personnel search by equipment type or for a specific item.

Find out how hospitals are using TeleTracking RTLS to simplify or improve:

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