Equipment Discovery

Every day, thousands of pieces of expensive, portable equipment move around the hospital in response to patient needs, repairs or space requirements. These high-demand devices are crucial to safe, compliant patient care, yet their portability and the frequent movement often have severe, unintended affects on the safety of patients, the frustration of staff and the overall quality of care a hospital provides.

TeleTracking RTLS meets these challenges by ensuring that all personnel are able to locate every piece of equipment, at every second of the day, no matter where they are in the hospital.

TeleTracking RTLS Benefits:

  • Pinpoint the exact, real-time location of equipment with room-level accuracy no matter where it is in the hospital
  • Significantly reduce equipment search times and stress
  • Improve rapid response in emergency cases
  • Gain a proactive and predictive understanding of equipment movement, utilization and status