The technology needs of modern hospitals can be extreme. Not only are there thousands of computers, software applications, pieces of equipment and networking devices; the usually understaffed IT department must ensure that all of it works together seamlessly, without disrupting the delivery of quality care.

TeleTracking RTLS is designed for rapid installation and easy integration into a hospital’s existing infrastructure. It requires no mechanical installation and does not use critical electrical outlets or interfere with existing Wi-Fi networks, so there is minimal disruption in getting it up and running.

Utilizing patented IR (infrared) locating, and operating at 900 MHz for consistent communication performance, TeleTracking RTLS provides exact locationing with a scalable, non-disruptive network that doesn’t overwhelm mission-critical Wi-Fi transmissions with location traffic. Coupled with a software development kit (SDK) for easy integration into existing hospital applications, TeleTracking RTLS delivers maximum impact without the typical IT headaches.