TeleTracking Capacity Management SuiteTM

The Capacity to Care

Lean times are preventing hospitals from expanding their facilities, yet the number of patients continues to rise. To maintain the highest levels of care, hospitals must find ways to make better use of existing resources and existing space.

Over the past 20 years, TeleTracking has helped more than 850 hospitals find more capacity with existing space by optimizing and automating patient flow. We’ve grown our offerings from a single bed management application to an entire Capacity Management Suite of solutions that addresses virtually every point of the patient flow continuum.

There are major consequences of poorly managed resources in hospitals, including reduced admissions; delayed patient placement; long order to care delivery times; equipment loss and misplacement; subsequent overbuying / over-renting and major drains on staff productivity. All have big impacts to patient care and safety, and patient, staff and physician satisfaction – factors that can have serious financial implications for a hospital.

Now, by bringing TeleTracking RTLS to our Capacity Management Suite™ of products, we can offer hospitals a full complement of solutions capable of enhancing efficiencies, saving costs, generating revenue, and most importantly, ensuring that patients get to the right place at the right time with the right resources for optimal care. With TeleTracking RTLS applications and integration, we bring hospitals visibility to things they currently cannot see, help hold people accountable and provide a transparent and consistent way to communicate to everyone that touches patient care.

The promise of TeleTracking is to help our customers better utilize their existing capacity in order to maximize patient flow optimization and automation. With TeleTracking RTLS and our Capacity Management Suite™ of solutions, we’ve created a comprehensive package that provides everything needed for core hospital operations and logistics improvement across the entire enterprise. Get tomorrow’s system today, with extreme scalability and adaptability for growing enterprises and innovative new uses.