How Real-Time Is Your Hospital?

It has been documented that in hospitals that lack real-time locating systems, nursing and clinical staff can spend at least one hour per shift searching for equipment, while Biomedical Engineers can spend half their day rounding up equipment for preventative maintenance, cleaning and repair. This lack of visibility increases wait times, severely impacts staff productivity, creates the need for redundant equipment purchasing, adds to rental equipment needs and impacts timely patient flow. The unintended consequences are costly to your hospital, and disruptive to the safe, timely care of patients. TeleTracking RTLS brings visibility to areas of the hospital not currently seen, helps hold people accountable for their actions and provides a transparent and consistent way to communicate to everyone about equipment, staff and patient location and flow.

And, by integrating RTLS into our award-winning applications, our full complement of solutions can address patient throughput and overcrowding, asset management and inter-hospital transfer. Many of these are integrated into our Capacity Management SuiteTM to allow proactive and predictive readiness through the entire patient flow continuum.

With TeleTracking RTLS, we not only add the ability to track the location and status of equipment, we allow staff to know if the right patient is in the right location with the right assets at the right time, precisely how long the patient is there, where to find patients scheduled for time-sensitive treatment, and when a high-risk patient or critical resource is leaving a designated “safe” or approved area.

The end result is a more efficient, more cost-effective and safer hospital that delivers better patient care.

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