Temperature Monitoring

Hospitals, pharmacies, clinical laboratories, and blood banks are subject to rigorous compliance standards – the pressure to ensure safe, quality care is a top priority. The time-pressure to maintain compliance in the monitoring of temperatures is often significant. In most hospitals, staff is required to manually collect and record temperature data – a laborious process the takes staff away from patient care and other critical duties.

TeleTracking TempTrackingTM is a stand-alone RTLS application that automates temperature monitoring in refrigerators, freezers, warmers and other types of storage units used to store temperature-sensitive assets such medication, blood, food and fluids. TeleTracking TempTrackingTM leverages the TeleTracking RTLS network to help hospitals stay compliant with regulations while helping to protect volatile temperature sensitive items from spoilage or unsafe use.

TeleTracking TempTracking Benefits:

  • Automatically maintains digital temperature logs and corrective action documentation
  • Eliminates the need for manual temperature logging
  • Alerts staff when assets are approaching unsafe or non-compliant temperature ranges
  • Enables caregivers to focus on patient care instead of compliance issues