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RTLS Workflow Consulting Overview

TeleTracking approaches hospital RTLS from an enterprise perspective, with deep expertise and knowledge of the problems hospitals face and the ways they really work. Our RTLS program is customized to meet your individual needs. Our 20+ years of experience in managing patient flow and capacity management enables us to help you control costs, accurately document equipment status and history, help reduce risk management situations, return nursing time to patient care, streamline operations and make the most of your owned resources.

RTLS Workflow Analysis and ROI EstimateRTLS Assessment & Process Improvement RecommendationsTeleTracking Consulting Services for Patient Flow Automation

The TeleTracking Workflow Consulting Group helps hospitals and health systems implement or improve hospital-specific asset management through a combination of strategic change and best practice guidelines to create optimal equipment flow processes to impact productivity, cost reductions and quality care metrics throughout your enterprise. Contact TeleTracking today to request your free RTLS Workflow Analysis and ROI Estimate.