TeleTracking's Implementation Process

From the moment your contract is signed, TeleTracking has a development team at work to plan and implement your project. That team includes highly skilled implementation managers, solution design consultants, pre-admit specialists and engineers who work closely with your hospital’s project team to ensure that implementation is organized appropriately.

This pre-project phase lays the foundation for the project. The contract signing and completion of the technical assessment happen during this timeframe. The Technical Assessment confirms the viability of the solutions to be deployed.

Planning & Design:
This crucial stage sets the pace for the implementation and will contain specific, detailed steps for completing your project.

Solution Design and Data Collection:
Information on layout, campuses, buildings, locations, users and other critical data is collected in this phase for use in the initial design of the system.

Training Preparation:
Training occurs on-site after an assessment of personnel needs, an analysis of PC capabilities and a review of standard course designs. Our trainers work with your project team to arrange schedules and training locations.

System-to-System Interfacing:
This involves designing, building, testing and troubleshooting all of your organization’s relevant systems with TeleTracking products.

This phase represents the on-site implementation engineering week and training for your employees as well as the go-lives of the products.

This is the on-site installation of the TeleTracking software and support packages.

Testing & Solution Validation:
This phase ensures that interface(s) are operational and accurate and that administration set ups are ready and precise. Solution validation is verifies accuracy of the electronic bedboard™ when reconciled with your hospital’s systems.

Using “Train-the-Trainer” methods with on-site TeleTracking support during the training and go-live phases of the implementation, client trainers will learn how to continue training after the solutions have been installed.

Go-Live Phase:
Go—Live is the final phase of implementation. With on-site support from TeleTracking engineers and specialists, this phase is jointly planned and put into action with your organization to minimize glitches in system activation. An acceptance certification is requested at the time of go-live and should be signed by hospital Management to close out implementation.

A final call or e-mail from your TeleTracking project manager ends implementation team involvement. If contracted, your Implementation manager will discuss an on-site post installation visit to ensure quality and workability of the solutions.