Quality Assurance

Quality is the backbone of any successful company, but for one engaged in healthcare, the word takes on special meaning. We recognize that precise performance translates to better patient care.

Our Quality Assurance mission supports our commitment to producing high quality feature-rich applications which improve efficiency of patient flow by reducing patient backlogs and streamlining bed turnover and patient placement.

TeleTracking follows an iterative Software Development Life Cycle process. Quality Assurance (QA) methodology is an integral part of all phases of the Life Cycle. Structured QA practices are applied from project inception, through analysis, design, coding, testing and implementation.

In addition, product testing is integrated throughout the life cycle, including unit, functional, integration, usability, alpha, beta, regression, installation and system testing, which covers environments, security and performance/load.

The Quality Assurance engineering team prepares for these testing phases by creating a test plan and test cases.  The test cases cover real life user cases that are repeatable and traceable with each product release.  Process measurements and checkpoints audits are in place to ensure quality is being built into our products. 

A dedicated performance team ensures the performance requirements are consistently obtained in a test environment dedicated to this effort.  In addition, a Technical Writing team produces on-line help and customer-facing manuals for ease of product adaptability and use.