TeleTracking Enterprise Solution Center

Start the Process of Dissecting Your Current Hospital Operational Challenges and Uncovering Proven Ways to Redesign it for Key Revenue and Efficiency Initiatives. Read below for more information.


Solutions Showcase, Training and Demonstration Center

TeleTracking’s Enterprise Solution Center (ESC), located in our Raleigh, NC, office, provides a simulated hospital environment which helps visitors understand how hospitals can benefit from our solutions by giving them the opportunity to manage a hospital enterprise in real time.

Showcase Inventory Control, Temperature Tracking and Hand Hygiene Monitoring

The ESC is fashioned after a high-volume critical care unit, featuring a family waiting area, a nursing station, ten patient bays, virtual walls and storage areas. Large, flat-screen monitors display the location of medical devices and patients on a floor-plan graphic.

The center currently also demonstrates inventory control for medical devices, temperature tracking for refrigeration of blood products, pharmaceuticals, etc., and the latest hand hygiene monitoring technology.

Experience Capacity Management Solutions in Action

TeleTracking will soon install its latest version of the Capacity Management Suite™ system to demonstrate the tremendous economies of scale attainable when an entire hospital system is run from an automated operational management system. A state of the art training room provides a dedicated business environment designed to allow key hospital personnel to concentrate on reinventing their hospital operational business model, learn best practices from our expert patient flow and RTLS consulting groups and identify key growth and efficiency possibilities for their specific hospital challenges.

Understanding the technology available is vital. You can’t eliminate steps in a process without knowing which steps technology can replace. This requires an in-depth analysis of current practices, employee involvement, consensus on attainable goals and knowledge of the tools available to streamline the existing manual processes.

Training Facility to Help You Implement Entreprise Hospital Solutions Successfully

The ESC was created not only to showcase our solutions, but to provide a training facility for current and prospective customers and a proving ground for new product development. Visitors get to see first-hand what enhanced capacity management can do, plus learn the technologies required to generate more efficiency and revenue by optimizing the use of current resources.

To schedule an appointment, call 800-331-3603 or email us at We’ll coordinate your visit and develop an agenda tailored to your specific goals.