TeleTracking’s healthcare analytics solutions provide a robust set of dashboards and reporting tools to give hospitals the business intelligence they need.

Predictive Insights Periop Edition

Align OR resources to meet surgical demand.

A lack of timeline and reliable access to surgical operating room data makes it difficult for perioperative
leaders to manage block allocation and utilization. Additionally, inefficient schedules result in excess
idle time and overtime, mismatched surgical teams, and even delays caused by insufficient coverage,
reducing your bottom line as well as staff satisfaction.

Performance Reporting

Our patient flow solutions produce a tremendous amount of data. So we support them with turn-key dashboards and reports to help you easily understand performance, track progress to your goals and share your outcomes. It’s performance management, made easy.


Predictive Insights Census Edition

You’re managing patient flow all day, every day. But how do you plan for what is coming next week or even next year? TeleTracking offers easy-to- use solutions for census forecasting and capacity planning to help you prepare for both short and long-term needs. We harness the power of sophisticated modeling and simulation tools to help you predict patient flow outcomes.