Capacity Management

The trusted and proven solution for dramatically improving patient throughput, reducing patient wait times, decreasing ED overcrowding and improving access to care at hundreds of hospitals.

Community Scheduling and Workflow

Improve ease of scheduling and on-time appointments.

By making improvements in these two areas, and you can significantly enhance patient satisfaction–and that translates to more business for your health system. Community Scheduling and Workflow is a cloud-based solution that helps you quickly improve your ambulatory patient experience.


Community Placement

Improve access to timely post-acute care.

For most health systems, discharging patients to post-acute is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Improving timely access in this area yields major benefits: it frees up resources in your acute care facilities, improves patient and family satisfaction, and improves overall care coordination.

Mobile Solutions

To make staff most efficient, the Capacity Management Suite is equipped with alerts and notifications that can be sent via email, pagers, on-screen messaging or smart phones. A mobile app for environmental services and transport staff helps to manage job progression on-the-go.



PreAdmit Tracking

The PreAdmitTracking® application automates the process of placing patients to reduce patient wait times and overcrowding throughout a hospital, across a health system, or even in a single department such as the ED. It brings visibility to projected census and demand from all patient intake areas including the ED, PACU, Cath Lab, as well as internal and external transfers.

It is complemented by the electronic bedboard®, which provides a comprehensive view of bed statuses on each unit within a hospital, or across a health system.


PatientTracking Portal

The PatientTrackingPortalapplication is a comprehensive nursing whiteboard for patient flow. It provides rounding caregivers with at-a-glance visibility to bed and patient status and helps them to manage care progression and discharge planning milestones. It also gives them the ability to quickly view and update patient attributes such as core measures, fall risk, isolation precautions and dietary restrictions.



BedTracking® optimizes patient flow by reducing time lags in the bed turnover process and automating the communication of bed status to all patient flow stakeholders. Improving communication helps to reduce the number of stat cleanings and can reduce the length of stay (LOS) through faster bed availability. Rich reporting features show employee performance and volume trends, simplifying staffing decisions.



TransportTracking® is a proven transport management application that streamlines patient flow throughout the duration of care. By using intelligent and configurable dispatching logic to assign transport requests to employees, transport staff is used most efficiently. When used as part of the Capacity Management Suitesystem, transports for discharges or transfers automatically trigger dirty bed notifications to environmental services so that the bed can be turned without the need for a request from nursing or the ADT. It keeps department schedules running on-time by allowing staff to pre-schedule transport requests in advance and see progress of these requests in real-time. TransportTracking is complimented by easy-to-use reports on productivity, request volume and response time to measure and optimize performance.