Patient Flow Solutions Overview

Are you looking to improve the flow of patients through your hospital? Are you committed to improving your hospital's efficiency while delivering the best health care possible to your patients? TeleTracking's patient flow solutions will do just that through optimization and automation to help your hospital better utilize existing capacity.

For more than two decades, TeleTracking has helped over 850 hospitals and health systems optimize operations and reduce overcrowding, decrease length of stay (LOS), enhance the patient experience, fight the spread of infection, accelerate patient movement and provide a wealth of actionable data for continuous improvement.

In the process, we’ve grown from a single bed management application to an entire suite of solutions which address virtually every point identified thus far along that continuum. With our clients, we've recognized that our computerized systems yield a wealth of practical data which can be applied not only to operational improvement, but business development as well.

TeleTracking's full complement of patient flow solutions addresses patient throughput and overcrowding, asset management, and inter-hospital patient transfer.

  • Many of these are integrated into our Capacity Management Suite, which combines bed efficiency, transport efficiency, the electronic bedboard® and placement technology.
  • TeleTracking RTLS uses a sensor network to track and sense the status of equipment.
  • TeleTracking's TransferCenter™ application not only expedites referrals, but produces vital data about referral patterns, new service opportunities and other marketing information.

Separately and collectively, TeleTracking’s Patient Flow Solutions can enhance efficiency, save cost and generate revenue for your hospital, all critical benefits in an era of healthcare reform. Most importantly, however, they ensure that patients get to the right place at the right time with the right resources for optimal care.

To learn more: Download our whitepaper: "The Vital Nature of the Operational/Clinical Cooperative"

The Bed Management Suite

The integration of BedTracking® and PreAdmitTracking® with the electronic bedboard® allows Environmental Services, Admissions and Patient Placement staff to know exactly which beds are occupied, available, or in progress of being cleaned, as well as patient status.


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