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When you’re a nurse, there never seems to be enough time. Especially for patients. Whether you’re looking for misplaced equipment or making scores of phone calls, or filling out stacks of forms, it's time taken away from your primary job — care-giver.

Time is exactly what we give back to you. Patient Flow Automation can eliminate all those calls and much of the paperwork previously required to place and keep track of patients. And real-time locating systems allow you to monitor the location of medical assets, like IV pumps, in real time, so you always know exactly where to find them.

Transparency: The Glass Hospital

What if every hospital had walls of glass so you could immediately see into each room? That’s basically what you get with TeleTracking’s Patient Flow Solutions. A web-based portal gives you instant updates on patient status, location and bed availability so you know exactly what is happening with your patients. Joined seamlessly with our Capacity Management Suite™, this portal resembles a dashboard, providing as much or as little as you need to know under varying conditions. The result is easier input and monitoring of bed and transport requests, discharge status and critical patient placement indicators (PPIs) such as isolation or fall risk.

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Goodbye “white board.”

The white board is a relic of the past. Our electronic bedboard® is automatically updated to show you precisely what is happening now on your unit, your floor, your hospital or your entire system, depending upon the access level you require. Our PatientTracking Portal lets you update not only flow, but clinical information, such as lab and radiology status. Our TeleTracking RTLS saves hours of searching by helping you identify the location, status and condition of medical devices and other equipment on an easy-to-read “floor plan” screen graphic.

Phone calls and bed meetings can be a thing of the past since everyone involved with patient flow can be connected electronically. You now have the ability to plan, prepare and manage the entire patient flow continuum. Every patient discharge, bed cleaning and bed request is immediately entered, updated and visible in the electronic bedboard®.

And you no longer have to lose track of patients when they leave the unit floor to undergo procedures, because our peri-operative solutions (ProcedureTracking™, NaviCare OR™) provide a constant flow of information that lets professionals and patient families know the status and location of a patient. Follow patients through ORs, PACUs, GI labs, Cath labs and much more without a single phone call. Automatically provide families with updates on their loved ones via waiting room monitors. Track patients in multiple procedure areas through a single software application. And, because we know you often work with multiple information systems, TeleTracking has made integration with those systems a top priority, so our solutions are well prepared for the massive integration needs of today’s healthcare facilities.

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Fighting Infection

Which nurse hasn’t walked into an isolation room without being warned? Now imagine how often it must happen to housekeepers and transporters.

As the most widely travelled hospital employees, they often are also the most overlooked and under-protected when it comes to infection alerts. But TeleTracking’s Patient Placement Indicators trigger automatic alerts to all who need to know. So environmental employees know to don protective clothing and initiate special cleaning procedures for beds and equipment. And because the alerts are digitally connected to the patient, transporters are aware of infection at handoffs.

Click here to listen to client testimonial video, "Decrease Hospital Acquired Infections with TeleTracking's Capacity Management Suite XT Platform."

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Better flow = Better care

But the most compelling reason to explore automated patient flow solutions from TeleTracking is the impact better flow has on patient care in general. It reduces overcrowding, which reportedly denies “best practice” care to over half of all U.S. patients, causes medical errors and has been linked to hospital-acquired infection.

Overcrowding also leads to diversions, which can double the mortality rate for diverted trauma victims. To address that problem, TeleTracking’s TransferCenter™ solution updates and automates the transfer process. Experienced transfer center specialists from TeleTracking Consulting Services help nurses evaluate overall flow processes on-site and revamp them for faster receiving, physician intake, patient placement, digital recording and record storage.

Do requests for simple services like linen deliveries, spill cleans or supplies require numerous phone calls, wasted communication and unnecessary effort? ServiceTracking™ can provide a simple but powerful request automation solution for many of the services needed by nursing. Nurses and other hospital staff can make and monitor their requests using a simple browser and receive automated notices when their request has been completed. Using intelligent and automatic dispatching, service requests are assigned to appropriate employees for completion.

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