Patient Flow Automation Solutions For Facilities & Operations Managers, Biomedical/Clinical Engineering

When your job is to make things work, the last thing you need is tools that don’t. That’s why it pays to search for the very best vendor when you’re looking for a better way to improve your operations.

TeleTracking is the acknowledged “Best In Category” (KLAS) and “Best of Breed” producer of patient flow automation solutions, as well as the market leader by far. Our product development people are backed by the largest Research & Development base in the category - over 800 clients whose feedback and ideas have proven invaluable in keeping us at the forefront of optimizing patient flow.

TeleTracking RTLS, our asset management system, has none of the functionality problems common to older RTLS technology and delivers a higher level of precision than most competitors. Plus, it is simpler to install.

All of TeleTracking's patient flow solutions interface with the majority of hospital information systems (HIS) and admission-discharge-transfer (ADT) systems for ease in communicating required demographic patient data.

The time saved by adapting patient flow and asset tracking systems can add 20 percent more capacity plus millions of dollars per year to your facility’s bottom line through better capacity management and inventory control. Automating and optimizing patient flow also is an extremely cost-effective alternative to new construction, which can cost $1-2 million per bed and take three or more years to complete.

Fully Integrated

TeleTracking products don’t just help you do your job. They help you do your job better, with robust reporting that reveals peak demand times, facilitates resource time-shifting, and provides the proof you need to add or subtract FTEs for improved operations. All of this convenience is wrapped up in our Capacity Management Suite, a fully integrated set of solutions which maintain smoother, faster patient flow from door-to-door. The suite is an easily expandable, enterprise-wide solution which includes our category standard PreAdmitTracking®, Transport Tracking™ and BedTracking® applications.

TransportTracking™ becomes your automatic transport dispatcher, reducing late pick-ups and schedule conflicts by alerting supervisors when tasks are delayed. Requests are phoned into an iIVR system to avoid staff holdups. By using the existing telephone system as the primary communications method, your organization can avoid costly investments in network infrastructure. Also, because our applications require minimal computer requirements, you can use most of your existing computer infrastructure. Our productivity reports help you determine if you have the right number of people in the hospital when the work needs to be done, and where processes need improvement.

Do requests for support services seem to take multiple communication steps and extra time before they are fulfilled? Do your customers struggle to have a simple linen delivery or late-tray request completed? ServiceTracking™ is a work-flow automation solution that can be customized to monitor and efficiently manage service requests in a variety of areas such as linen delivery, maintenance, interpreter services, security, food-service to name just a few. Do you have a service center to manage these requests? ServiceTracking™ can help monitor efficiency and manage communication to employees tasked with providing the service. Or, create a Virtual Call Center where ServiceTracking™ automatically dispatches requests for service to the appropriate employees. Employees are notified when requests are assigned to them. They respond using iIVR to capture valuable metrics for measuring time on task, response times and employee performance statistics. A simple and intuitive user interface can be deployed using a simple browser for creating and monitoring requests. A healthcare facility that has efficient service provides better patient care. ^ Top

RTLS Technology

And, to keep track of expensive medical devices and equipment, we offer our TeleTracking RTLS, which provides not just the location, but the status of your assets. For example, TeleTracking RTLS can tell you where a wheelchair is located, whether it is in use, and if it is moving, providing a snapshot of the device “in context.” And our temperature monitoring applications report on the status of refrigerators and freezers, and alert staff if the temperatures move out of a pre-set range. Installation requires virtually no disruption of day-to-day operations, including room availability. And, the system is impervious to the electronic noise which disrupts competitors’ systems. By eliminating equipment loss, reducing new leases, and improving utilization,  it has been proven to pay for itself in less than a year.

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