BedTracking® Overview

This proven solution improves and optimizes patient flow by dramatically reducing time lags in the bed turnover process. Significantly reduce the time your hospital beds sit empty with the industry’s best known, user-friendly patient flow application.

BedTracking® uses existing telephone and pager networks to reach environmental services employees, who then access all necessary information through an Interactive Voice Response (iIVR™) system. Using a browser or handheld device, supervisors can follow progress in real-time and quickly react to emerging situations. Rich reporting features show employee performance and volume trends to ensure proper staffing levels.

This improved communication and information flow helps reduce the number of STAT cleaning requests, improves bed turnover and helps streamline and optimize patient flow.

TeleTracking Mobile Solutions
With the latest version of the Capacity Management Suite™ system, nursing and departmental supervisors can view the application using the iPad® Safari® browser, just like they would on a PC or desktop. The TeleTracking mobileXT iPhone® and iPod® Touch® application is ideal for transport employees allowing staff members to perform daily BedTracking® application functions.