BedTracking® Features & Benefits

Intelligent Interactive Voice Response (iVIR™)

Lower installation costs, shorter learning curve and easy maintenance. Also, minimal computer requirements mean you can use much of your existing computer network PC infrastructure with little or no upgrades.

"Dispatcher-less" cleaning requests

Upon patient discharge, a staff member conducts a brief telephone transaction at bedside. This automatically alerts an Environmental Services staff member that the room is ready to be cleaned.

Real-Time Data Updates

See bed status changes as they happen. Information is immediately updated with a brief telephone transaction upon patient discharge, instead of waiting for batch updates through the hospitals ADT system. This eliminates the problem of dirty beds remaining idle.

Automatic Delay Notification

Supervisors can be automatically alerted if a specific request has not been addressed within a pre-defined time-frame. Color-coded visual alerts show which cleaning tasks are on track and which have exceeded acceptable levels. This reduces STAT cleaning requests, increases patient through-put and identifies bottlenecks.

Management Reports

Centralized data capture provides multiple productivity reports to help refine bed turnover and patient placement processes. Get employee and job status information in real-time or quickly access historical information to identify trends.