Capacity Management Suite™

The most convenient and cost-effective way to adopt our primary patient flow applications is through the Capacity Management Suite™ system. This comprehensive package, on our XT browser-based platform, has everything needed for core patient flow optimization and management, including:

PatientTracking Portal

Your nursing unit’s white board goes digital! More >

PreAdmitTracking® with the electronic bedboard®

Efficiently plans, prepares, manages, and optimizes patient flow. More >


Automates patient transport functions for timely patient through-put. More >


Streamlines bed turnover and tracks current and pending bed availability. More >

Mobile Solutions

Manage your health system's patient capacity using TeleTracking's Capacity Managment Suite™ application on Apple® mobile devices for more efficient, real-time communication. More >

Patient Flow Dashboard™

Allows hospital leaders to monitor the real-time status of enterprise-wide flow operations. More >

Custom Reporting Solution

Need a simple yet sophisticated answer to custom reporting? Here it is. More >