Outcomes achieved by TeleTracking partners:

  • Penn Medicine increased case load in their Oncology Infusion Center by 30% and drove an additional $60 million in contribution margin since 2008.
  • After implementing Orchestrate™ for its operating rooms, Cleveland Clinic now performs at a utilization rate of nearly 90% year-round.
  • Abbott Northwestern maximized capacity and added 5000 new OR cases in a year without adding staff.

Orchestrate™ Features & Benefits

  • With Orchestrate, health systems can improve patient flow through the OR, PACU and other procedural and treatment areas resulting in optimized utilization, reduced wait times, improvement in on-time starts and reductions in PACU length of stay
  • Patient flow automation helps procedural staff to pull patients into the next phase of care to help decrease procedural length of stay and improve utilization
  • Real-time communication of delays, cancellations, housekeeping turnaround times and patient milestones help to reduce cancelled or delayed cases and long patient and physician wait times
  • Improved communication of patient status and improved on-time starts results in higher patient and family satisfaction
  • Interfaces with virtually any HIS/EHR system and enhances the scheduling system to provide staff with updates on critical milestones in real-time
  • Alerts, notifications and visual indicators help to improve staff communication and satisfaction
  • Tracks the location of a patient and procedure status securely on a mobile app
  • Provides real-time updates to the family on an easy-to-read tracking screen in waiting rooms
  • Decrease PACU hold time when Orchestrate is integrated with TeleTracking’s Capacity Management Suite™ system
  • Further automate patient movements and patient location without manual intervention using TeleTracking Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) technology