Outcomes achieved by TeleTracking partners:

  • Penn Medicine increased case load in their Oncology Infusion Center by 30% and drove an additional $60 million in contribution margin since 2008.
  • After implementing Orchestrate™ for its operating rooms, Cleveland Clinic now performs at a utilization rate of nearly 90% year-round.
  • Abbott Northwestern maximized capacity and added 5000 new OR cases in a year without adding staff.


TeleTracking’s Orchestrate™ application maximizes utilization and capacity by improving visibility and streamlining patient flow to, from and within your most profitable resources - perioperative and procedural areas. This includes the coordination of flow in diagnostic areas, ambulatory care facilities, clinics and infusions centers.

By managing patient flow through the procedural areas, inpatients will no longer go off the grid when they leave their unit for a test or procedure. Orchestrate provides a constant information flow, displayed on an easy-to-read touchscreen format that lets healthcare professionals and families know the status and location of a patient. It also delivers proactive alerts, real-time status updates and performance reports that can drive improvements in efficiency and utilization.

How It Fits

Orchestrate bridges the gap between the scheduling system and the EMR system by providing actionable data for the current day’s schedule and allows for same-day changes in order to manage patient flow, facilitate communication, drive on-time starts and reduce length of stay. It also provides real-time updates of critical milestones and can be integrated to document the completion of those milestones into the EMR such as time in room, incision, closing start and procedure end.

Orchestrate was designed to address specific procedural workflow patterns and provide transparency to patient placement, housekeeping and transport. Plus, it dramatically reduces phone calls and backlogs, keeps schedules on time and puts you in control of the procedure process.

Value to the Enterprise Operational Platform

The Orchestrate™ application seamlessly integrates with TeleTracking’s industry-leading Capacity Management Suite™ system to manage the patient transition from admission to procedure or treatment through discharge.

Mobile Capabilities

To improve procedural throughput even further, Orchestrate can be viewed securely on a mobile app, which gives surgeons, anesthesiologists and staff access to the real-time schedule from anywhere, anytime. This allows them to be more productive, reduces wait time and prevents unnecessary phone calls for updated patient or schedule information.

To learn more, download TeleTracking’s Orchestrate™ datasheet.