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TeleTracking Orchestrate™ solutions provide the technical and process management tools to improve patient flow throughout perioperative and ancillary care areas to assure your hospital utilizes its most profitable resources - operating rooms and procedural areas - to their maximum capacity.

Orchestrate™ provides a constant information flow, displayed in an easy-to-read touch screen format, that lets healthcare professionals and families know the status and location of a patient.

Custom-built for specific hospitals to address unique staff preferences and non-traditional workflow patterns, it makes clinical patient flow transparent to all who need to know. Plus, it dramatically reduces phone calls and backlogs, keeps schedules on time and puts you in control of the procedure process.

Orchestrate™ seamlessly integrates with TeleTracking’s industry-leading Capacity Management Suite to manage the patient transition from admission to procedure. It delivers pro-active alerts and real-time status reports to enhance clinical efficiency as well as performance reports that managers can analyze to improve procedural efficiencies.

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