TransportTracking Overview

Designed to streamline all of your hospital’s patient transport functions, TransportTracking™ becomes your automatic transport dispatcher. This proven solution automatically and intelligently assigns patient transport requests while monitoring and balancing workloads to improve the flow of patients in your facility.

Using the hospital’s existing telephone network to request and receive patient transport jobs, it enhances staff communication, reduces late pick-ups, minimizes schedule conflicts and helps identify transport-related delays.

Free your supervisory staff from routine dispatching and employee supervisory duties to focus on higher priority issues. Automatic alerts on transport and employee activities communicate bottleneck issues for quick resolution. Detailed reports on employee activity and request volumes give supervisors the tools to efficiently staff and manage a productive transport operation.

TeleTracking Mobile Solutions
With the latest version of the Capacity Management Suite™ system, nursing and departmental supervisors can view the application using the iPad® Safari® browser, just like they would on a PC or desktop. The TeleTracking mobileXT iPhone® and iPod® Touch® application is ideal for transport employees allowing staff members to perform daily TransportTracking™ application functions.