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The Value of Time
Wasted time keeping hospital emergency departments and needy patients waiting in hallways.  
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Overlooked and Under-Protected
Why the people with the broadest access to patient areas may be spreading Hospital Acquired Infections in your hospital.
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Efficiency of Care vs. Effectiveness of Care: Why Hospitals Need Both
Improving throughput and capacity utilization provides timely access to the right level of patient care.
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Automation of Patient Flow Increases Hospital Efficiency
Staff cuts and similar measures are not a way to look at healthcare reform.
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Patient Flow Analytics: Business Intelligence to Stay Ahead of the Curve
Patient flow management  stands out as being a target for operational improvement and lends itself to the use of advanced analytics.   
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Using Discharge Milestones to Avoid Patient "Stacking"
Patient throughput made more efficient by integrating patient flow software. 
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The Vital Nature of the Operational/Clinical Cooperative
Ensuring efficiencies while maintaining high quality care to drive margin.
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Maximizing the Efficiency and Operating Margin of Procedural Areas in Healthcare Operation
Increases in utilization and efficiency can have a major impact on hospital margin.  
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Technology's Role in Surge Capacity Management and Disaster Preparedness
The idea of applying automation technology in inventive ways to compensate for an overwhelming number of casualties is gaining popularity for good reason.
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RTLS Location Accuracy and Its Effect on Hospital ROI
Why location is everything in RTLS for healthcare.
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