Any product is only as good as those who stand behind it. Our product is extraordinary, but so are our people.

Dedicated teams, whenever you need them.

Responsive, real people in our quality assurance and technical support teams provide robust, enthusiastic client service – a hallmark of our company, in which we continue to invest.

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  • Client Success Management
  • Contact Technical Support

Our Implementation Process

As soon as you come on board with TeleTracking, a development team begins to plan and implement your project. Highly skilled implementation managers, solution design consultants, pre-admit specialists and engineers work closely with your dedicated project team to ensure your project is organized appropriately.



This pre-project phase lays the foundations. Signing contracts and technical assessment happen now


Planning & Design:

Setting the pace for the implementation and establishing specific, detailed steps for completing your project


Solution Design and Data Collection:

We collect Information on layout, campuses, buildings, locations, users and other critical data in this phase, for use in the initial design of the system


Training Preparation:

Training occurs on-site after an assessment of personnel needs, an analysis of PC capabilities and a review of standard course designs. Our trainers work with your project team to arrange schedules and training


System-to-System Interfacing:

Designing, building, testing and troubleshooting all relevant systems with your TeleTracking solution



An on-site implementation engineering week and training for your employees as well as the solution go-live



On-site installation of the software and support packages


Testing & Solution Validation:

This phase ensures that the interface is operational and that administration set-ups are ready and precise



Using “Train-the-Trainer” methods on-site with TeleTracking experts during the training and go-live phases of implementation, client trainers will learn how to continue training after the solution has been installed


Go-Live Phase:

With on-site support from TeleTracking engineers and specialists, this phase is planned and put into action in collaboration with your organization, to minimize any potential glitches during activation



A final check in from your TeleTracking project manager ends the implementation process and marks the start of your TeleTracking experience, supported by a dedicated client success management team

Client Success Management

A cooperative bond between us lets you unlock the potential of our feature-rich solutions. That’s why we champion a Client Success Management team. Their role is to assure that you are maximizing the use of our products to meet your objectives, and help you identify new possibilities for operational efficiency.

After all, your success is our success.

We are devoted to helping our clients because we believe in their success, not just our technology

Creating the role of a Client Success Manager (CSM) ensured our clients have tailored, dedicated support – someone that ensures you are using the solution you have adopted to its full capacity. We recruited experts who could help you make a real difference in your organization’s performance, exploring possibilities you might not have imagined. Rich knowledge unites our CSMs. From patient flow experts to implementation engineers, professional trainers and MBAs, CSMs will make sure you have answers when you need them and offer you a wealth of extra insight too.

Instantly Engage With Us

Your CSM is a direct connection to TeleTracking for your business needs – your guides through our organization. Aligning our technical, analytical and consulting capabilities to the aspirations of your enterprise, they will put you at the center of our world, and help you generate rewarding outcomes.

Long-Term Value, Unique Client Experience

Your CSM Will:

  • Create client action plans regularly
  • Direct you toward desired outcomes
  • Uncover goals that you might not have considered achievable
  • Establish metrics that serve as guideposts for improvement

Our Commitment To You:

  • Powerful solutions that drive outcomes
  • Defined metrics to measure success
  • Shared subject matter expertise
  • Guidance to best practices that will yield the greatest potential
  • Timely communication
  • Regular CSM visits
  • Collaboration with your leadership team

“We promise to support you in your quest for operational efficiency, because our ultimate goal is to be your trusted partner and to help you achieve success.”

TeleTracking’s Technical Support Team is here to help!
Consistently ranked highest among Bed Management vendors by independent researcher KLAS, our Technical Support team is here to help whenever you need them.

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Technical Support Numbers

For non-urgent issues, complete the technical support contact form. For any urgent issues, call:

1-877-570-6903 or 412-391-1411

United Kingdom

Support Hours

Live Telephone Support
8:00am - 11:00pm
Monday through Friday

On Call Support
11:00pm - 8:00am
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Weekends and Holidays (US)

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Info & Support

  • Quality Assurance

    Get better patient care results from a precise performance, with our structured QA practices and dedicated performance team.

    Better patient care is what we strive for, and better patient care results from precise performance.

    Our Quality Assurance (QA) mission supports commitment to producing high quality, feature-rich applications that improve efficiency of patient flow, by reducing patient backlogs, and streamlining bed turnover and patient placement.

    QA Team Working Alongside You

    We follow an iterative Software Development Life Cycle process and QA methodology is an integral part of all phases. Structured QA practices are applied from project inception to implementation. Product testing is integrated throughout the life cycle too, and includes system testing – covering environments, security and performance.

    The QA engineering team prepares for these testing phases by creating a test plan and test cases. The test cases cover real-life user cases that are repeatable and traceable with each product release. Process measurements and checkpoint audits are in place to ensure quality is being built into our products.

    A dedicated performance team ensures performance requirements are consistently obtained in a dedicated test environment and a technical writing team produces on-line help and customer-facing manuals for ease of product adaptability and use.

  • TeleTracking Consulting Services

    We work in collaboration with you to maximize your operational efficiency and deliver rapid, focused improvements.

    Our consulting services help clients maximize operational efficiency by refining how people and technology interact when managing processes that support healthcare delivery.

    While others attempt to fix the process before adding technology, we work in collaboration with you to merge people, process and technology to achieve the best possible outcomes. Once your solution is up and running, we help you create the ideal patient pathway and help find new ways to eradicate wasted time and resources from that pathway.

    Expert TeleTracking consultants deliver rapid, focused improvements – enhancements or redesigns of operational processes and new ways to maximize the use of your solution.

    A Service Based On:

    • Industry experience
      Hospital operations and healthcare environment
    • Lean Six Sigma principles
      Tools and techniques that will help any organisation to improve its efficiency and productivity
    • Data
      Drawing insights from data produced by our Real-Time Capacity ManagementTM solution and applying them to your specific enterprise
    • Practical experience
      Knowledge of successful practices from hundreds of TeleTracking clients
  • The Industry’s Largest Knowledge Base

    We work with many of the largest healthcare systems in America and our consulting team have extensive healthcare backgrounds. They bring you real-life, practical know-how. We believe in progressive working, getting to know you and your organization, while facilitating timely care delivery, patient, staff and physician satisfaction, cost savings, and revenue generation.

    Improved efficiency in 900 hospitals – United States, Canada, and United Kingdom

    Through the collective experience of our clients, our consulting team brings real-life, practical know-how to you. They are not simply converted productivity experts – they have extensive healthcare backgrounds and put the patient first, sharing in your mission to provide quality healthcare to everyone.

    Progressive working

    We continue to develop a deeper understanding of your organization as we work with you. We aren’t afraid to measure improvement, in fact we encourage it, and identify new opportunities for increasing your efficiency too. We offer training on how to use TeleTracking’s powerful analytics platform and capitalize on the business intelligence it provides.

    Our clients have direct access to the knowledge of the consulting team. Interaction with peers, such as ‘client collaborative’ webinars are designed to solve specific, tightly defined problems that have the potential for immediate, highly successful returns.

    Supporting and improving patient safety

    Much of what we do has a direct impact on supporting and improving patient safety. Under the current reimbursement climate, this is critical because government and payers will withhold portions of reimbursement if patient outcomes and satisfaction fail to meet their criteria.

    As we work with many of the largest healthcare systems in America, our understanding of efficiency demands and opportunities in the hospital setting is unmatched. This includes the positive impact that centralizing operational functions can have on timely care delivery, patient, staff and physician satisfaction, cost savings and revenue generation.

  • Services with Change Management

    We engage with key stakeholders to convey our belief in and the evidence for our solutions. We measure your organization’s desire to change, guide the execution of that change and measure its success, to ensure you reach your desired outcome.

    Changing Habits For The Better

    It takes more than good intentions – changing established habits requires a solid rationale, proof that the change is successful, and making sure that key stakeholders are significantly invested in the effort. We believe the best way to implement and sustain improvement is to engage all key stakeholders and for them to understand the need for change.

    Practical Experience Applied

    Our change strategy is based upon years of practical experience, we measure the organization’s willingness to change, guide the execution of change and measure the success of the change.

    We also include the key stakeholders in the critically important review of current workflows in order to identify the root causes of inefficiencies prior to enhancing or redesigning the process. This is vital to assuring that the organization reaches its desired outcomes.

  • Comprehensive Expertise

    We have a comprehensive approach to problem solving, influenced by the realities of hospital operations and collaboration built on real data. We continue to offer productive solutions for organizations who use our expertise.

    The multi-faceted experience of TeleTracking’s consultants means that they are able to provide guidance at all the points of interaction that our technology touches your organization – whether that involves the perioperative environment, patient logistics, physician engagement, or any other support service.

    They offer a comprehensive approach to problem solving, informed not only by the realities of hospital operations but also a process that engages teams, and offers collaboration built on real data. Being able to see a problem from several sides like this translates to more productive solutions for your organization.

    Innovative Thinking

    Add to this that TeleTracking has the largest client base in the industry, including most of the largest and best-recognized healthcare institutions across America. These are institutions that gained prominence through innovative ways of thinking about operational improvements and efficiencies.

    It is exactly that kind of thinking that TeleTracking consultants bring forth, both directly to you and through arranged peer-to-peer interactions. The reality is an unparalleled knowledge resource to guide you forward on the path to success.

    Consulting Disciplines Include:
    • Comprehensive support at every intersect
    • Execution of recognized ‘best practices’
    • Patient flow and capacity improvement
    • Elimination of non-value added work
    • Discharge redesign

TeleTracking Awards & Recognitions

We are recognized across the industry for our products and services.

Ctsia Award
Pittsburg Business Times Award
Patient Safety Care Award 2014
TeleTracking - BBH Award