June 05, 2018

VCU Health Builds Tool to Streamline Communication between Inpatient Units and its Pharmacy at Discharge

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At Virginia Commonwealth University, pharmacists had a problem.

Even though they are a key part of the discharge process, they had limited information on which patients were closest to being sent home. Clinicians often submitted requests simply marked ASAP, interrupting the pharmacists several times a day to fill prescriptions, even if many of those patients were actually hours from discharge.

“There was really no logical order,” Kelley Barry, senior clinical applications analyst at VCU Health, told FierceHealthcare in an interview.

So, Barry and her team built a new indicator for its patient tracking system for the discharge pharmacy. In addition to allowing pharmacists to better prioritize the prescriptions as they came in, the tool allows clinicians on inpatient units to track if a prescription is being filled or if there’s a delay.

The tool will also provide details on what’s causing the delay as well, such as a copay or prior authorization issue.

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