March 27, 2018

Want Change? Just do it.

Diane Watson | Smart Business

When it’s time to change, it’s simple — do it. Or in the words of the swoosh, just do it. Unfortunately, when faced with the opportunity for change, either personal or professional, many of us sit back. Perhaps we don’t have the motivation. Maybe we are afraid of failure. Or it could be that we just don’t know how to change. Whatever the reason, you need to push past the obstacles and do.

With the pace of technology, change — the ability to adapt to it — is essential. I remember my father purchasing a microwave for my grandmother. She refused to use it, until she realized that a potato baked in a few minutes instead of an hour. Flash forward and my father resisted an iPhone. The use of icons and swipes was initially beyond his comprehension, but now, just like my grandmother, he adapted and won’t turn back.

In both examples, the reasons to change seemed obvious, but the actual process of adopting them wasn’t initially intuitive.

Be extreme, and watch the world evolve around you

One tip is to be extreme. Move outside your comfort zone and force yourself to change a habit or an approach and to start to see a difference.

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