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Operational Command Centers: No Patient Waits

The visibility and shared situational awareness provided by TeleTracking’s health system command center and real-time technology enables Broward Health to optimize their resources and improve patient access to care.

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Patient Access

Patients don't need to be waiting. Timely access to quality care remains the single greatest imperative of healthcare.

20 million unnecessary patient days spent waiting

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Patient Throughput

Your healthcare system's patient capacity might be higher than you think. Our patient throughput solutions optimize workflow, improve patient flow and throughput, provide more timely patient care, and decrease overall length of stay, while caring for a larger patient population.

37k deaths each year correlate to ED boarding

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Patient Discharge

Our solutions provide the transparency needed to begin the patient discharge process when it should: at admission. We provide seamless care transitions and transfers to home and post-acute facilities, extending our proven access and patient flow best practices beyond your hospital walls. One health system quickly experienced a

1.39 day reduction in length of stay.

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We know that driving operational efficiency and organizational change is more challenging than ever with with rising costs, staff shortages, new reimbursement paradigms, etc. Our operational platform and proven best practices have delivered extraordinary outcomes to hundreds of hospitals and health systems for nearly three decades.

$4.88M Saved by Reducing Patient Length of Stay

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Pittsburgh Tech Council

Health IT Innovation Award

“TeleTracking believes it is unacceptable that patients are not able to access the care they need, when they need it, due to operating inefficiencies and unnecessary cost barriers. We take the time that is compromised with looking for beds, searching for equipment, and working through scheduling, and channel it back to patient care. That translates to a simple mission that attracts people to our organization, and also makes them want to stay―to ensure no one waits for the care they need.” - Chris Johnson

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improved outcomes simulator

See what our enterprise-class, integrated solutions can do for your hospital system.

Without a comprehensive approach to support effective patient flow - getting the patient to the right bed the first time - Palmetto Health wasn't utilizing its existing resources in the ways it could to improve patient flow. Under the guidance of TeleTracking's Center of Excellence and Advisory Services, operational patient flow Best Practices were implemented.

  • Reduction in length of stay
  • Team member retention increase of 25%
  • Reduction in 30 day readmissions

Disaster Preparedness

How Carilion Clinic is Preparing for Hurricane Florence

Room to Move at CHOA

Access to Care with Transfer Center

We had the opportunity to sit down with Cheryl Stokes, Director of Clinical Resource Management and Patient Intake at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to talk about the uniqueness of a children’s hospital and CHOA’s patient flow journey over the last decade.

“The work we do has life or death implications, so the tools we have at our disposal makes a huge difference.”