To ensure that no one will ever have to wait for the care they need.

Ours is simple: no one should ever have to wait for the care they need. Timely patient access to quality care remains the single greatest imperative of healthcare. And, with hundreds of billions lost globally through operational waste in U.S. healthcare administration, this gap is creating unavoidable urgency from the boardroom to the front lines of care.

More time with patients

As the world leader in patient flow solutions, we are more than a healthcare technology company. Industry experts, process consultants and thought leaders in the healthcare space, we are committed to delivering reportable and proven outcomes impacting hospitals and healthcare systems all over the world. Expanding, growing and changing, now with a portfolio of end-to-end patient flow software solutions, and proven best practices, the name TeleTracking describes the journey of the past, present and future. As hospital enterprises spend hundreds of millions to install systems that move patient records, we are positioned to add significant value to that spend by offering an interdisciplinary, real-time system that moves people and resources more efficiently and safely than ever before.

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At a Glance

Our Leadership Principles

When TeleTracking was founded in 1991, the concept of 'patient flow' didn't even exist. What began as an automated bed turnover solution has grown into a suite of solutions focused on improving patient flow and patient care through the entire care continuum and beyond the hospital walls. We are your long-term patient flow partner: we celebrate with you when milestones are achieved. Operational excellence is the necessary foundation needed to deliver quality, timely and profitable patient care. We have an unrelenting focus. We know delivering quality patient care is complex, but it shouldn't feel that way. We believe in a future where operational complexities never stand between patients and their care.

Be Daring

Innovate, push boundaries, and think big. Take calculated risks. Don’t be afraid to try something new and take action. Recognize when the intended value is not there and stop.

Be An Owner

Do what is right for the business. Know the business and understand the short and long-term impact of your decisions. Be fiscally responsible.

Be Willing to Challenge

Better never stops. Have the courage to challenge and also to accept a challenge. Discuss and unite - once a decision is made, commit to it and move forward.

Be About Results

Take ownership of your work and your results. Collectively execute to achieve the desired outcome.

Be Caring

Obsess over our clients and their patients - their experiences, their outcomes, and their lives. Care for your team and company the way you care for your clients.

Be Sharing

Collaborate to understand the business and solve problems together. Success is an “us” thing. We win as a team or we fail as a team.

What does that mean for you?

Actionable data and our expert team assures better outcomes

Our mission is simple: that no one should wait for the care they need. We cared about patient flow before it was something to care about, and our world-wide teams spend their days changing the future of patient care. 

We bring order to the complexities and streamline what is often chaotic. We pinpoint patient flow roadblocks and provide proven best practices that bring about results and sustainable outcomes.