Jim Branka

Jim Branka joined TeleTracking in 2009 as a Outcome Consultant after a 24-year career in hospital operations.  He uses his background to help TeleTracking clients optimize the use of their TeleTracking applications by assisting with process evaluation, redesign and workflow automation.

An intuitive and detail-oriented leader, Jim brings expertise in hospital operations, front-line leadership and years of experience in patient safety and patient flow initiatives.  Recognized as a subject matter expert, he is often called upon to help our clients through the difficult challenges in running complex departments in single and enterprise environments.

Previously, Jim served as Senior Operations Manager for a complex hospital system in Detroit, Michigan.  This position allows him to have a great perspective regarding his areas of responsibility -  Patient Transportation, an Environmental Services Discharge Team, equipment delivery, a multi-service call center as well as supporting the TeleTracking application and its role in Patient Throughput.