Josh Wenzel

Beginning as a Client Success Manager in 2013, Josh Wenzel brings TeleTracking over 20 years of experience in healthcare. Starting his career in Emergency Medical Services, Josh quickly understood the need for efficiencies in patient movement. As a ground and flight Paramedic, Josh experienced many aspects of prehospital healthcare in both urban and rural settings. With degrees from Western Kentucky University and Mid-Continent University, Josh led the Communications Center for Medical Center EMS in Bowling Green, Kentucky. From there Josh was recruited to North Mississippi Medical Center to lead their entire EMS and Air Medical operation.

While at North Mississippi Medical Center, his responsibilities grew to encompass the Transfer Center, Patient Placement, and Patient Transport. This is where his love and knowledge of TeleTracking and effective, efficient patient flow began. In 2011 his team created one of the first command centers in the country incorporating Emergency Medical Services, Air Medical Transport, Hospital Transfer Center, and Patient Placement services with the ability to monitor EVS and in-house transport in real time.

Josh is currently an Outcome Consultant and subject matter expert in Patient Placement, Transfer Center, Patient Transport, and Environmental Services.