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Powering More Health System Command Centers

Than All Other Vendors Combined

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TeleTracking powers more than 100 Operational Health System Command Centers across the USA & Europe.

We have a better way. 

As care delivery becomes more complex, finding ways to coordinate patient care across the continuum is one of the most important challenges facing healthcare institutions today and the reason Health System Command Centers are central to a health system’s organizational strategy.

We recognize the increasing complexity of health systems due to mergers, acquisitions and changing reimbursement models. It is clear to us that centralization, operational alignment, and shared situational awareness are keys to successfully navigating this new reality. This is why, over the past 10 years, TeleTracking has been responsible for the launch of more than 100 Health System Command Centers across North America and Europe.

A December 2018 study by global research firm KLAS reports that TeleTracking has built more Operational Health System Command Centers than all other vendors combined.

In addition, the study confirms that Health System Command Centers can drive significant, positive outcomes including improved efficiency, increased revenue and enhanced patient safety and satisfaction.

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Patients Shouldn't Need to be Patient:

TeleTracking's Health System Command Center model is changing the future of patient care.

Staff wait for caregivers, caregivers wait for resources, and patients are waiting too long for care: this is the norm at too many health systems.

Something has to change. There is a better way. Operational command centers powered by TeleTracking are changing the future of patient care. 

Carilion Clinic Hospital Command Center

Award-winning health systems are establishing TeleTracking Operational Health System Command Centers to expand access to care and increase visibility and communication across their systems, community providers and patient populations.

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Our integrated solutions provide the foundation and technology needed to establish a robust Health System Command Center. Our real-time visibility shines the light on bottlenecks and pain-points, so you can assess your health system operations in real-time, predict and manage demand, and proactively assign the right resources. Insights for long-term strategic planning are gained, resulting in consistently exceptional patient experiences, improved staff satisfaction, and growth and sustainability for your health system.

The Waiting Game

The Case for Command Centers

Leading the Way

Did You Know

To date, more than 100 health systems across the United States and United Kingdom have established Operational Health System Command Centers to coordinate care across their systems, expand patient access, and continually improve outcomes.

By The Numbers

Why Build a Health System Command Center?

TeleTracking is the partner of choice for some of the world's largest, most innovative health systems.

  • Acute Beds Managed by TeleTracking:
  • Hours Saved:
  • Average Length of Stay Reduction:
    18.2 hrs
  • Patients Served:
  • Average Annual Increased Revenue:
  • Average Annual Increase in Patient Volume:

NASA-like Health System Command Center

Kettering Health to build $10M 'NASA-like' command center

Kettering Health Network is planning to build a $10 million "NASA-like" command center that officials say will be the first of its kind in the Dayton area.

Kettering Nasa Like Command Center

The 17,000-square-foot command center will be located on the first floor of the 1050 Forrer Blvd. building in Kettering. Construction began July 25, and the center is expected to go live this November.

This amazing command center will provide the foundation and technology needed to assess health system operations in real-time, to shine the light on bottlenecks before they occur, to predict and manage patient demand, and to proactively assign the right resources.

Fred Manchur

CEO, Kettering Health

Pittsburgh-based TeleTracking Technologies Inc. will provide Kettering Health with integrated software able to transfer patients into the network from all access points, including the emergency department, operating room, direct admissions and transfers from other facilities.