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Hospital Command Centers

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A Health System Command Center provides a critical operational component—one that leads to a resilient, responsive healthcare system.  To date, more than 100 health systems across the United States and United Kingdom have established Health System Command Centers to create a centralized hub make up of an interdisciplinary team to coordinate care across their systems, expand patient access, and continually improve outcomes.

Hospital Command Centers powered by TeleTracking

TeleTracking powers more than 100 Operational Health System Command Centers across the USA & Europe.

Adaptability and reliability—a better way to care

Effective, efficient care delivery is essential to providing positive patient outcomes—and positive revenue growth—that makes it possible for health systems to continue providing excellent care to their communities.  A health system command center provides the bedrock and strongest possible foundation for giving patients the care they need and deserve—and caregivers the time at the bedside to do what they love and were trained for.

These NASA-like centers coordinate the day-to-day activities of a health system—and centralize hospital functions that were once siloed allowing for cross-collaboration and enterprise-wide visibility into bed capacity. The COVID-19 global healthcare and economic crisis has illuminated the need for this type of platform even more than before—it is critical to be able to manage hospital operations with real-time visibility, and actionable and meaningful data, to respond quickly to ever-changing conditions.  Hospitals and health systems have relied on TeleTracking in the past when gun violence, hurricanes, tornados and wildfires impacted their communities—our depth of experience has us uniquely positioned as an organization to respond quickly, with innovative, highly effective solutions and a team that has an unwavering commitment to supporting the needs of every client.

A December 2018 study by global research firm KLAS reported that TeleTracking has built more Operational Health System Command Centers than all other vendors combined.  In fact, on a typical day, TeleTracking manages hundreds of thousands of beds and moves more than 14 million patients across the care continuum—creating the system-wide situational awareness and operational foresight to respond quickly in the short term and drive improvements over the long-term. 

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Patients Shouldn't Need to be Patient:

TeleTracking's Health System Command Center model is changing the future of patient care.

Staff wait for caregivers, caregivers wait for resources, and patients are waiting too long for care: this is the norm at too many health systems.  And this waiting costs lives and time—37,000 deaths are correlated with ED boarding each year and patient boarding for 6+ hours while waiting for a bed is correlated to a 1.7% increase in mortality rates and an additional 1.5 days in length of stay.

Something has to change. We need to reorient care delivery to do what is best for the patient— clinically and operationally—and find ways to reduce complexity and improve productivity.

Carilion Clinic Hospital Command Center

Real-time data and the ability to respond quickly to ever-changing conditions is critical. Health systems need to be able to access information and maintain situational awareness through integrated data views about capacity, resource utilization, and operational performance to effectively match healthcare demand with available resources across the system.

TeleTracking command center

The bottom line is at its core, TeleTracking’s has always been focused on saving lives, giving more time back to caregivers and giving patients a positive experience—by helping ensure patients have access to the level of care they need where and when they need it. Furthermore, given the financial pressures that health systems face—especially now—TeleTracking helps improve care delivery without adding cost, space or inventory.  

By The Numbers

Why Build a Health System Command Center?

TeleTracking is the partner of choice for some of the world's largest, most innovative health systems.

  • Acute Beds Managed by TeleTracking:
  • Hours Saved:
  • Average Length of Stay Reduction:
    18.2 hrs
  • Patients Served:
  • Average Annual Increased Revenue:
  • Average Annual Increase in Patient Volume: