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Step one

Calculate Your Outcomes

This tool provides a snapshot of the potential outcomes of your TeleTracking solution investments and patient flow best practices.

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Step Two

Now, let's get a sense of your needs.

We want to provide you with specifics: tell us a little bit about your health system. (If left blank, default counts will be used.)

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Step Three

Next, let's focus on reducing length of stay.

Tell us more about your current length of stay averages and outcomes you would like to achieve in this area.


Step Four

How can we improve environmental service performance?

Let's talk about your current environmental services numbers: we want to help you improve them.


Step Five

Let's figure out the current impact of your patients who are leaving.

When wait times increase, so do the number of patients leaving before treatment (LWOT).


Step Six

On diversion? Let's reduce those hours.

Diversion hurts your hospital system in so many ways. Among them is lost revenue and patients traveling further for care they need. We are experts in reducing hours spent on diversion.


Step Seven

Say yes to more patient transfers.

What if you could say yes to more patient transfers and do so with just a single phone call. All of this (and more!) is possible with our Access Management Solutions.


Take a look at your results.

These results are calculated from your current data and hospital system goals. Want to dig deeper? Let's schedule a call with one of our Center of Excellence patient flow experts.